About Us

Our-TeamDataium is the world’s largest compiler of online automotive shopping behavior.  Every month Dataium observes over 20 million automotive shoppers across over 10,000 automotive websites and then aggregates, indexes and summarizes this data into intelligent insights.

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What Makes Us Unique

  • Dataium is the largest aggregator of automotive consumer behavior.
  • We are the only analytics solution, with Contextual KPIsTMContextual KPIsTM (Key Performance Indicators) dramatically expands your performance metrics to include both DMA and national averages for each data point so you're not making decisions in a vacuum..
  • We provide full visibility into the in-market automotive shopper’s path to purchaseThis unprecedented feature gives you true context to the actual effectiveness of your online marketing channels - no more direct referrer counts as your only option. Now you can see the shopper's true path to purchase, i.e., what automotive sites were visited before the direct referring site..
  • We are the only company measuring Contextual BehaviorTMContextual BehaviorTM is the integration of the two most accurate predictors. What a person actually does (behavior) has always been the best predictor. Combined with the full view (context) surrounding each behavior, Contextual BehaviorTM provides the most accurate insight into a consumer’s purchase intent and thus visibility to marketing effectiveness and the most accurate predictions of future industry trends..
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Benefits for…

Dataium is the single source for aggregation of online shopper behavior collecting billions of behavorial events each day. As you may know, consumer behavioral data collection is one of the most accurate leading indicators of future consumer intent, thus providing new insight into industry trends, effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and unbroken attribution for media channels.

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