About Us

Our-TeamDataium is the world’s largest compiler of online automotive shopping behavior.  Every month Dataium observes over 20 million automotive shoppers across over 10,000 automotive websites and then aggregates, indexes and summarizes this data into intelligent insights. With its Cloud Intelligence®Cloud Intelligence® (CI) is the collection, aggregation, and analysis of data collected from unrelated but relevant data sources and presented as new and actionable information. Platform, Dataium can predict future sales, prove advertising effectiveness, measure website performance and perform additional comparative analysis that helps its client’s grow sales, lower costs and retain customers.

In a marketplace where today’s innovation is tomorrow’s commodity, knowing what works and what tomorrow holds has never been more important. If we can predict the future, we can change the future.

As a “Big Data” utility company we support one of the largest and most secure data centers in the world.

We serve leading automotive manufacturers, dealership groups, digital marketing, media, data, agencies, and research companies, along with a large variety of Internet technology providers.

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Our Mission

To collect, analyze, and present business intelligence and statistics to our customers, empowering them with new knowledge and insight. Through this new knowledge our clients can better align their products and services with consumer expectations, lower costs to meet these expectations while lowering costs to consumers, and thus provide a more satisfying consumer experience in the market place.

Our Belief

Dataium is guided by one simple belief; Knowledge is made better through the aggregation and contextual analysis of information. With better knowledge and insight comes better performance across all levels of any business organization resulting in better alignment to consumer demand and desire. Thus providing a more productive, consumer oriented, and cost efficient market place.

Dataium is committed to being an exceptional partner, vendor, stakeholder, and employer, as we endeavor to do something great each and every day.


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