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Dataium is the single source for aggregation of online shopper behavior collecting billions of behavorial events each day. As you may know, consumer behavioral data collection is one of the most accurate leading indicators of future consumer intent, thus providing new insight into industry trends, effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and unbroken attribution for media channels. Dataium collects and blindly aggregates consumer shopping session data, and by doing this, we have an unprecedented view of the automotive industry performance, whether for a single website, for an ad campaign, or if the latest new model is going to be a hit. Further, Dataium offers competitive benchmarks and  analysis of make and model popularity trends, inventory alignment with local market consumer demand, visibility to under-performing websites in your dealership network, or industry wide performance trends. Further, our proprietary Auto Shopper IntensityTM (ASI) index provides predictive analysis with the highest degree of accuracy in the industry.

Our rich and unmatched data source is compatible with all levels of the automotive industry, including manufacturers, dealership groups, dealerships, digital marketing vendors, technology providers, automotive market places and consumer lending institutions and insurance carriers. We offer enterprise level business intelligence dashboards, local, regional, and national reporting or a full integration into your own analytic platform or systems. Thus, greatly enhancing the value you bring to your customers.

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