Break Down Barriers

Break Down Barriers

Let us demonstrate how we can remove the barriers to optimized performance and sales results.

Consumer shopping behavior is the leading indicator of future action. What consumers shop for today, they buy tomorrow. Shoppers are on your website, responding to email, engaging your company via numerous sales and marketing channels.

What you don’t know is their actual level of interest or intent, their shopping intensity. It could be high or it could be low, they could be serious, or merely curious. They could be shopping for themselves or checking out the car just purchased by a social media friend. Understanding the consumer’s actual intent, interest, and preferences will enable your company to provide a more compelling and satisfactory buying experience for your customers. Ultimately this means greater customer satisfaction and sales.

Dataium delivers unprecedented visibility to the entire consumer shopping cycle. The sum and aggregation of this information is analyzed to produce a proprietary index, Auto Shopper IntensityTM (ASI), indicating the consumer’s desired make-model or vehicle with the highest propensity to purchase.

With Dataium, take the guesswork out of getting the right offer, at the right time and the right vehicle in front of the right customer. By aligning incentives and messaging with a shopper’s true intent you will dramatically improve conversion rates and optimize gross margins. This benefits manufacturers, dealerships, and consumers, through the reduction of wasted marketing dollars, misaligned incentives, and out of stock inventory. By aligning inventory and production with consumer interests, costs are driven out of the manufacturing and sales processes, resulting in a more cost effective vehicle that better meets consumer demand.

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