Data Integration

Data and Technology Integration

Turn your CRM/ILM, or Inventory Management System into smart-tech.

CRM/ILM – integrate auto shopper data to trigger customer specific messaging based on shopper activity.
Inventory Management – With integrated auto shopper behavior data stop managing inventory but manage a market.
Auto Response System – Make every response the perfect response, stop sending templates to “non-template” shoppers.
ASI Index Integration – Which customers are about to buy, which are just starting the buying the process.
No matter which technology provider you use, we will work with them to optimize your ROI.


CRM Intelligent Integration

Integrate Dataium online auto shopper behavior data to take your CRM or ILM
solution to a new level of functionality and performance.
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  • Track past leads and customers for new in-market behavior.
  • Know which leads are truly dead versus those who have moved on to competitors.
  • Append your CRM profiles with shopper behavior from across the Internet.
  • Enhance your CRM analytics with behavioral data.
    • Which makes and models are they shopping?
    • Which keywords have they used?
    • What websites have they visited?
    • And more…


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