Big Data-based Decisions

Big Data-based Decisions

“Big Data is the new definitive source of competitive advantage across all industries,”… “For those organizations that understand and embrace the new reality of Big Data, the possibilities for new innovation, improved agility, and increased profitability are nearly endless.” Forbes, 2/18/2012 

Dataium’s Cloud Intelligence® (CI) Platform aggregates billions of behavioral events and consumer activity across thousands of websites. This new, previously un-mined information delivers new insights into consumer behavior, digital marketing performance, and future operational performance.

This data can be utilized to expand visibility to market trends, consumer response to marketing initiatives, or utilized to fuel innovative Internet technology functionality.

Imagine using Contextual BehaviorTMContextual BehaviorTM is the integration of the two most accurate predictors. What a person actually does (behavior) has always been the best predictor. Combined with the full view (context) surrounding each behavior, Contextual BehaviorTM provides the most accurate insight into a consumer’s purchase intent. analysis to power advanced content delivery solutions on your website, customer communication, and digital marketing platforms to custom tailor each engagement to the consumer’s current interest, intent, and preferences.

You may also integrate your data or 3rd party data resources into Dataium’s business intelligence reporting to create new understanding and insights. For example, tying your sales revenue and marketing expenditures to actual online performance and consumer activity and finally have an independent analysis of your actual R.O.I. Thus reducing your sales and marketing costs for you and your customers.

Or, outsource your data collection and reporting operations and costs to Dataium. Utilize Dataium’s world class “Big Data” collection and reporting infrastructure to reduce your costs, improve reporting functionality and speed, and deliver an unmatched fully integrated consumer behavior solution.

Technology vendors, expand your customer base and market share by integrating behavior data into your solution or reporting systems.

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