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Big Data for Finance If you know the future, you don’t need predictions

Dataium, the largest aggregator of automotive shopping behavior, is introducing a new data source that reports on automotive sales up to 60 days before it is published by the major U.S. automotive OEMs.

The data provides details on make, model and trim. By understanding high margin and low margin vehicle packages, individual OEM revenues and margins can be easily forecasted.

Dataium’s data tied to quantitative financial models can provide highly accurate leading indicators on future stock movements for any business along the automotive supply chain.

Additional data that includes changes in competitive threats, changes in consumer behavior and shifts in consumers’ tastes can all be used to project longer range forecasts and trends in the economy as a whole.

By observing over 200 million automotive shoppers, raw data can provide a rich treasure trove of highly granular data to enhance any BI platform. Complex modeling and predictive analytics provide a competitive advantage. Available now, please contact Dataium for information of pricing, data formats, frequency and test data.

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Banks and Credit Unions

Want to increase your loan portfolio by identifying which customers are shopping for a vehicle?

At any given time, 4% of your customers are in-market for a vehicle.  Banks and credit unions have always faced the challenge of identifying which of their customers are in the market for car loans.

Historically, financial institutions have attempted to use late stage credit information i.e., when auto lenders tap a customer’s credit history to identify active car buyers. This approach has a low success rate, as the consumer is already well into the vehicle purchase process and may already have the vehicle in their driveway.

The demands for real-time, audience-centered marketing represent a paradigm shift for banks and credit unions looking to grow loan portfolios. By identifying the automotive buyer earlier in the process, financial institutions can dramatically increase both car loans and customer retention, thereby improving the asset quality of the overall portfolio.

Dataium collects auto shopping behavior across the Internet and through its proprietary “Big Data” visitor recognition technology, identifying which of your customers are shopping, is as easy as matching two files.

By providing this unique insight of in-market customers, Dataium is able to provide ample time for marketing communications to reach the automotive shopper.  Identifying those customers that are early in the vehicle shopping process, coupled with the seamlessly matching of “right-time” offers, results in a revolutionary marketing capability that grows auto loans, and retention, while lowering marketing costs.

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20% of Auto Buyers Change Coverage

Would you like to retain your customers, or be considered during this critical period?

The auto insurance industry has become very competitive over the past decade, because of low cost, heavily promoted offers in both traditional and online media. As it becomes harder to find new customers, retaining current customers takes on a new level of importance. The industry shift, and its biggest challenge, is focused on saving the existing customers from lower cost alternatives.

At any given time, 4% of insurance customers are in-market for a vehicle, and the majority of those auto buyers will review their insurance coverage before making a final decision. Studies have shown, on average, two other insurance companies are considered before a final decision is made. Twenty percent of these auto buyers will change carriers, and this number is growing.

Insurance companies have always faced the challenge of identifying customers that are in the market for a vehicle, and thus, have historically been unable to influence the insurance decision during this critical period. The demands for real-time, audience-centered marketing, represents a paradigm shift for insurance companies.

Through Dataium’s proprietary “Big Data” visitor recognition technology, identifying which insurance customers are actively shopping for a new or used vehicle,  has never been easier. The ability to manage a customer base or identify customers in Association and Affinity Divisions is just as easy.

Dataium’s technology allows for deep insight into those customers that are most at risk of defection.  Through shopper modeling of historical defections by vehicle make, an insurance company can rank at-risk customers and then match the right communication, or offer, to mitigate the risk.

By providing this unique insight of in-market customers, Dataium can provide ample time for marketing communications to reach the automotive shopper, before the insurance decision has been finalized.  Dataium can help influence the insurance decision while the customer is still a loyal one.

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