Website Analytics Is Quickly Becoming Obsolete – Part 4

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Starting with Part 1 through Part 3 we have examined changing technology, design advancements, and marketing strategies that are driving the obsolescence. Dynamic website content, more and more website traffic being non-human, and marketing strategies that are one to one marketing are all making traditional website performance metrics less and less relevant. Our discussion then moved on to measuring the behavior of auto shoppers and the impact campaigns, technology, and content have on it. After all, auto shoppers buy cars, not websites. So...

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Website Analytics Is Quickly Becoming Obsolete – Part 3

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In Part 3, we explore how Real Buying Behavior (Intent and Intensity) confirms Engagement. First, a quick recap of Part 1 and Part 2: In Part 1, we discussed the changing digital landscape. As websites become more dynamic and advertising campaigns increasingly drive consumers to unique content, traditional website analytics, such as page views and VDPs, are losing the ability to accurately measure true digital performance. The result of this changing landscape, is a loss in the historical correlation between traditional website metrics and...

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Website Analytics Is Quickly Becoming Obsolete – Part 2

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In our last article we discussed the obsolescence’s of website analytics due to big changes in website design and technology, particular dynamic website content and deep linking campaigns, plus the growing influence of bots of web traffic and page views. In fact a few weeks after our article a new study were released stating only 40% of website traffic is human1. So if historical website metrics like time on site, page views, user counts, VDP views, etc. can’t be trusted where does that leave us? Well, where it always does, with the...

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Website Analytics Is Quickly Becoming Obsolete

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For a couple of decades, website analytics have evolved as new and sometimes better metrics are created to measure the effectiveness of your website. Metrics like users, page views, bounce rate, time on site, click through rate, VDP views and so on, have become key metrics for measuring and reporting on the effectiveness of your website and digital marketing. But how representative are these metrics of success? What correlation actually exists between these metrics and the number of cars your dealership will sell? And if no correlation exists,...

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Game Day Auto Ad Review

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Super Bowl Ads Drove Record Numbers of Auto Shoppers to Local Dealer Websites Dataium’s annual “Big Game Automotive Report”, measured unprecedented advertising performance, with Toyota, Nissan, and Dodge leading the way. Dataium’s annual “Big Game Automotive Report” measures impact of commercials on in-market auto shoppers showed unprecedented advertising performance, with Toyota, Nissan, and Dodge leading the way. Spurred on by rising sales this year, some automotive Super Bowl advertising regulars chose to rethink their typical...

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Increase Conversion

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Increase Conversion

Dataium’s Conversion Optimization Analysis is an unbiased, independent analysis of your dealership website’s effectiveness.

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Dataium ASI: Chevy Aims for a “Silverado Summer”

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Select models within the truck, compact and sedan segments experienced an increase in auto shopping intensity thanks to incentives. Nashville, TN — 7/31/2013 — Dataium, the largest aggregator of in-market automotive shopper behavior, today released its monthly Automotive Shopper Intensity (ASI™) report. The ASI index, a leading predictive indicator of automotive retail sales, increased 2.4% from the previous month. Dataium predicts the US Retail SAAR in July to be 13.7 million retail units, a 1.5% increase from the previous...

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VisiCogn Knowledge Center (VKC) Enterprise

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Save thousands of hours each month by consolidating your dealer-level reporting into one single intuitive dashboard and associated reports. Each implementation of Enterprise is tailored to align with your specific hierarchy for roll-up and individual reports. Get an unprecedented view of site-level performance across website providers, ad campaigns and third party services your websites are consuming. Group-level dashboard with roll-up metrics of all dealerships. Your implementation Includes all features found in our Standard product with the...

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Dataium’s online buyer index says new-vehicle sales are about to trend downward

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AutoRetailNet | Friday, June 22, 2012 Automotive sales, after posting five straight months of increases, may be heading for a downturn in June, early indicative data from Dataium suggests. The Dataium’s Automotive Shopper Intensity (ASI) Index has posted a sharp decline of 11.02% for May. The decline is indicative that car buyers may not be as enthusiastic about purchases as they were last month. This is the first time in five months that the ASI index has turned negative. Read...

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Car Shopping Intensity Softens as Consumers Stay in Market Longer

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Auto Remarketing | Tuesday, June 19, 2012 Dataium has discovered that its May Automotive Shopper Intensity Index produced  the first decline since January, partly due to consumers staying in market  longer than previous months and extending the buying cycle from between 30 and  45 days to 60 days. Read more  

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