Dataium is the “data utility company” that provides critical business intelligence and insight through the aggregation and analysis of consumer activity from across the Internet.

With each click, search, and submission, consumers leave behind valuable and insightful data and statistics about their habits, interests, and future behaviors. Like footprints in the sand, these behavioral events leave behind digital footprints—data. These footprints, when collected, aggregated, and analyzed, provide important information regarding online purchasing behavior and activity, consumer trends, interests, and intent, and the effectiveness of promotions and web design. At Dataium, we interpret these digital footprints and gain the knowledge that empowers our customers to optimize their sales, marketing, and operating performance to better serve ever changing consumer demand.


What Makes Us Unique

  • Dataium is the largest aggregator of internet shopper behavior.
  • We are the only cross-platform website analytics solution.
  • We collect over 4 million behavioral events per hour every day.


Three Things We Do Very Well

  • Knowing the Future – Today’s shopper behavior predicts tomorrow’s shopping trends.
  • Knowing Your Customer – Dataium sees the entire online buying process, from keyword usage, inventory searches, lead submission, and everything in between.
  • Knowing Your Website’s performance – Unlike most other web analytics providers, we enhance website statistics with comparative industry, brand and market benchmarks. As an independant web analytics provider our only goal is timely and accurate metrics.