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Solutions for OEMs 1. DEALER WEBSITES – With the increasing importance of the internet, a top five OEM knew the bottom 10% of its websites were costing it millions of dollars in lost sales. The problem was each website produced its own self-defined metrics and reports, making it very difficult for the OEM to easily identify the bottom 10%. The OEM employed Dataium’s independent benchmarking with its common yardstick and now every month an accurate website ranking report is automatically generated and sent out to regional managers. In the case of its luxury brand, its regional managers used the reports to double Lead-to-Visitor ratio performance to segment average, boosting lead volume and sales from existing traffic.

Additional Solutions include:

  • Dataium Certification for any OEM permitted dealer website provider – ensuring that only the most committed and performance-oriented providers are enlisted to support OEM programs
  • Program Management of OEM dealer website certification – an outsourced capability to manage multiple providers to ensure branding, content, and conversion standards are achieved
  • Dataium University – training for dealership internet managers on best practices such as how to evaluate metrics and reporting, and manage their sites for optimum results

2. INCENTIVES – A top six OEM is using Dataium to reduce incentive costs. Next to manufacturing, incentives and promotions are the largest cost for most OEMs. By taking its regional planned monthly sales goals and comparing it to a customized version of Dataium’s ASI report, this OEM is able to strategically adjust incentives to insure monthly sales goals are consistently reached and incentive costs are reduced.

3. MANUFACTURING – Finishing vehicles with the right trim and accessories and then delivering these vehicles to the right regions of the country is essential to hitting sales goals and reducing costly incentives. Only Dataium can accurately predict 60 days in advance, what will be in demand at the trim and accessory level for each model by region.

4. MARKETING/LEADS – OEMs, as a group, are the largest advertisers in the world. Much of this spending, ultimately, goes to generate leads for their dealers. Two major players in this space are using Dataium’s data to create new leads, reanimate old leads and to significantly improve the scoring of, and messaging to, existing leads. In the case of one OEM, its team found 8% of dead leads were really alive, so it initiated behaviorally targeted follow-up and closed more deals.

5. PATH TO PURCHASE – A top four OEM is developing a comprehensive view, by model, of the steps a consumer travels across disparate websites before arriving at a purchase. Each make and model has a unique consumption pattern of ad words, banners, competitor views, third party portals visited, OEM website,  dealer website interactions, etc. By understanding the unique path to purchase for each model and trim, this OEM is predicting a significant impact on sales while reducing wasted advertising and marketing dollars. One of its portals used for advertising, for example, was found to impact more than two times the lead submissions previously thought, dramatically changing the way the OEM managed its digital advertising mix.

6. SPONSORED EVENTS – Another OEM, through their agency, is in the process of using Dataium to create ROI data for sponsored events. The millions of dollars spent on these events each year has historically been difficult to measure. Dataium is able to show a consumer’s actions before, and then after, an attended event, thereby providing highly accurate attribution, change in behavior and event ROI measurements, in addition to the number of new leads generated.

7. SITE / CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT – Website investments and outbound campaigns are critical components of the OEM marketing mix. But in today’s environment, OEMs want and need more in the way of return. The power of Dataium Contextual Behavior is now being used, through Dataium Audience & Campaign Profilers, to refine In Market Timing Models for outbound Direct Marketing, as well as to segment site audiences. This allows delivery of enhanced user experience via more targeted consumer lists and messages based on brand intensity as well as site content and design, heightening ROI.

8. INVENTORY & PRICING MANAGEMENT – Imagine moving out last year’s model more quickly as new production comes online. One brand has begun using make/model/trim Dataium Auto Shopper Intensity (ASI) to inform vehicle ordering, boosting turn on lot, and allowing incentive allocation more quickly to models previously underserved.

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Benefits for Automotive Dealers 1. INVENTORY – Having the right vehicles on the lot is a key to growing sales. Several dealers are using Dataium’s forecasting data to accurately stock their lots with next month’s high demand vehicles and selling, at auction, those vehicles with a slowing demand trend. By observing and aggregating shopping behavior, Dataium provides the industry’s most accurate 45 day, DMA level, make, model, trim, demand forecast, useful for boosting turn, reducing floorplan expense, and improving the bottom line.

2. LEADS – Do you know which of the customers in your CRM system are in-market? Dataium’s Lead ReCogn and lead alert systems are being used by many top dealers to:

a. Identify verified in-market leads mined from a current customer base

b. Gain real insights into a new website visitor’s needs and wants (hot buttons)

c. Receive automatic alerts when a lead, once thought to be dead, shows new shopping activity

d. Provide consumer behavior insight to guide BDC and chat engagement

IN-MARKET LEAD ALERT – A mid-size Nissan dealer applied Dataium’s IMLA service to identify which of its current customers are in-market.  The dealer uploaded its current customers to Dataium. Dataium alerted the dealership of over 200 current customers who are showing shopping activity on one of the dealer’s websites.   This dealer is extremely pleased with the results and is now in the process of proactively reaching out to these customers to assist them in the buying process.

3. ADVERTISING IN CONTEXT – Advertising is a major expense for most dealers. Knowing which online and offline messages on which properties are producing the best ROI, and how each compares, in context, to the other is easy with Dataium. Dataium’s Advertising Effectiveness & Audience Profiling Reporting was used, for example, by one to shave millions in unneeded SEM spend, with no reduction in traffic.

4. WEBSITE PERFORMANCE– Many dealers see their website as a main form of advertising and a critical gateway into their dealership. Knowing how their website is performing against other dealer websites in the same DMA is crucial to staying competitive. Leading dealerships are now, through Dataium’s VisiCogn® INSITE Reporting Product, benchmarking their websites to the DMA to improve performance and grow sales.

5. CAMPAIGNS – Often, dealers are frustrated with which campaigns to pursue and which lists to use: their own, their vendor’s, and/or their OEM’s. With Dataium, dealers now have the power to run any list against Dataium ASI to determine which customers are likely to buy which brand and vehicle before committing to creative and piece costs.


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Web Portals

Benefits for Automotive Portals 1. INTELLIGENT DYNAMIC CONTENT – A leading web portal is in the process of generating intelligent dynamic content for visiting consumers. Based on Dataium’s behavioral data, vehicle make, model and trim can be automatically displayed to closely align with a consumer’s recent shopping history. This dynamic content significantly reduces search times for the consumer and improves the overall shopping experience…resulting in increased satisfaction, site throughput, and sales.

2. FULL CREDIT – Some third party portals are using Dataium’s data to prove real attribution for the actual traffic they generate for each dealership. Because of the Google ‘firewall’, portals have consistently received less credit than they deserve for the dealer traffic they actually generate. Only Dataium can generate full view unbroken attribution, in some cases showing more than double the impact previously thought.

3. MERCHANDISING – Based on consumer behavior and the context of that behavior around individual vehicle stock numbers, portals are well positioned to aid dealers in merchandising specific vehicles and vehicle groups for each dealership. By using Dataium’s Contextual Behavior and Auto Shopper Intensity (ASI), to optimize consumer engagement and lead volume.

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Dealer Groups

Solutions for Dealer Groups 1. ADVERTISING – A small dealer group spends over $3 million on SEO and SEM each year. Tools such as Google analytics provide a good foundation for analysis, but are unable to show the complete search history and full unbroken attribution path. This dealer group uses Dataium’s data to see all search word activity that happened before the final link to the dealer’s website, and now knows which ad words to purchase or remove and how much to pay for each word. Costs are reduced while results increased.

2. WEB PORTALS – Another dealer group spends over $4 million with the top automotive web portals. Knowing exactly what they get from each portal is critical to accurately understand ROI and negotiate rates with each portal. Dataium is providing the deepest insights into the true sources of traffic and which portals produce the highest number of leads, generate greatest conversion rates and margins, and ROI. (Note: In many cases the portal does not receive all the credit it deserves. Dealer groups can be hurt if they reduce spending because of incomplete traditional measurements. In one recent case, a large portal had more than double the lead generation influence originally thought.

3. GROUP AGGREGATION – Many dealer groups are built over the years through a series of acquisitions. Rolling up accurate data from disparate systems has often proven to be highly time consuming and costly. One of the nation’s largest dealer groups is using Dataium to automatically roll up rooftop data across all of its digital assets. The result is more accurate reporting, generated in minutes, instead of weeks, at a fraction of the administrative cost.


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CRM/ILM Providers

Integrated Solutions 1. INTEGRATION – Multiple CRM providers are in the process of integrating Dataium’s data. Now, new leads will be automatically identified and displayed, current leads will be significantly enhanced and old leads will be brought back to life. From dynamically identifying customers in the database that are now in-market, to creating new leads from prospects once thought dead, these CRMs are leading a revolution in the CRM industry that will give them a competitive advantage over all other CRM systems. Curious? Google Brian Pasch’s CRM articles on Dataium to learn more.

2. CAMPAIGN PROFILER – One company is developing a pilot program to tag every communication sent to service customers and past customers. This tagging, with a Dataium I.D., will allow the Dataium Cloud Intelligence®Cloud Intelligence® (CI) is the collection, aggregation, and analysis of data collected from unrelated but relevant data sources and presented as new and actionable information. Platform to instantly identify and alert the dealer when one of its customers goes in-market. Given that Dataium’s platform is always monitoring online behaviour, alerts will be generated weeks, months, or even years after the initial communication was sent.

3. INTELLIGENT TRIGGERS – A national provider is integrating Dataium Contextual BehaviorTMContextual BehaviorTM is the integration of the two most accurate predictors. What a person actually does (behavior) has always been the best predictor. Combined with the full view (context) surrounding each behavior, Contextual BehaviorTM provides the most accurate insight into a consumer’s purchase intent. into its solution to automatically generate context aware intelligent responses to consumer inquiries. Whether it is chat, email or a telephone call, Dataium’s data is powering third party solutions to automatically customize and align the response to the consumer’s inquiries and interests, deepening their salience, and the customer’s willingness to engage.

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Ad Agencies/Market Research

Advertising 1. SPONSORED EVENTS – A large OEM ad agency, is in the process of using Dataium to create ROI data for sponsored events. The millions of dollars spent on these events each year has historically been difficult to measure. Dataium is able to show a consumer’s actions before, and then, after an attended event. This provides highly accurate event attribution, documented change in behavior and compiled event ROI measurements, including the number of new leads generated. This allows for ranking of event impact and eases adjustment of funding allocation to events with the most impact.

2. AD EFFECTIVENESS/MODIFICATION – A national advertising network is integrating Dataium’s data to dynamically modify automotive banner ads, thereby increasing digital response rates. This company knows that its client will be using Dataium’s Ad Effectiveness reports to measure its work and is actively planning to use all of Dataium’s power of Dataium’s Contextual Behaviour to improve ad effectiveness through dynamically changing ads to better align with consumer intent.

3. REGIONAL TARGETING – A national automotive agency is using Dataium to become an irreplaceable partner. One size does not fit all markets. Dataium’s DMA and local metrics are providing this agency with the data points it needs to develop distinct creative for each market. Further, knowing which vehicles to promote in each market, through Dataium ASI, provides additional lift in sales.

4. AT RISK DEFECTORS – Customer defections are preventable, but only if you know the consumer is at risk of defecting. Dataium sees individual shopping behavior across the internet, and one agency is planning to use Dataium ASI to trigger targeted messages and communications based on shopping intensity, before the customer is lost.

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Website Providers

Success for website providersCUSTOMER RETENTION – The web provider marketplace is highly competitive. The confusion around competing performance metrics has increased the difficulty in retaining customers. One top six web provider is using Dataium’s independent benchmarking and yardstick capabilities to prove and improve, the performance of its websites. With Dataium’s DMA and market context views, this provider is retaining customers by proving its website is outperforming the market, even when an individual dealer’s web metrics decline.

SUPPLEMENTAL INCOME – A top three web provider has contracted with Dataium to create new products and services that it plans to resell to its customer base. One new product will dynamically display vehicle inventory based on a consumer’s previous shopping history. A secondary product will enhance and prioritize new leads, and automatically, alert the dealer when a dead lead comes back to life.

COST REDUCTION – Dataium’s analytics are world class. A top six provider has replaced all of its reporting and analytics with Dataium’s reporting. The cost of staffing a reporting and analytics department and the cost of maintaining analytics software has been completely removed by this provider. And, because the reports are more comprehensive, more accurate and see further than previous data sources, such as Google Analytics, this provider also sees Dataium reports as a retention tool, and in select cases, a new revenue source.

CUSTOMER ACQUISITION – A top five web provider is using Dataium to improve the overall performance of its websites. Based on Dataium’s proprietary detailed metrics, this web provider is identifying which workflows, features and functions motivate lead submissions. The result has been a significant increase in this provider’s overall website score. These improved scores are being used to successfully compete for new clients.

Additional Solutions Include:

  • Click Mapping – the aggregated visual display of every mouse click on a home page, leads to a better understanding of consumer interactions, frustration and opportunities. This visual display of mouse clicks results in improvements to page layout and design, and ultimately increased conversions.
  • Lead Archiving – The automatic back-up and retention of every lead form allows for disaster recovery, or the ability to reroute/rework transition leads that commonly result from a sudden change-over in sales personnel.
  • Affiliate Program – By Providing Dataium’s turnkey solutions to your customer base, no changes to your current platform are required. Dataium’s packaged solutions provide an easy source of supplemental revenue.
  • Universal Lead Adapter (ULA) – Connecting and maintaining data formats to CRM/ILM platforms is a constant maintenance expense for web providers. Dataium’s ULA completely removes this burden and automatically transmits every lead into the designated CRM/ILM platform.

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