What Makes Us Unique

  • Dataium is the largest aggregator of automotive consumer behavior.
  • We are the only analytics solution, with Contextual KPIsTMContextual KPIsTM (Key Performance Indicators) dramatically expands your performance metrics to include both DMA and national averages for each data point so you're not making decisions in a vacuum..
  • We provide full visibility into the in-market automotive shopper’s path to purchaseThis unprecedented feature gives you true context to the actual effectiveness of your online marketing channels - no more direct referrer counts as your only option. Now you can see the shopper's true path to purchase, i.e., what automotive sites were visited before the direct referring site..
  • We are the only company measuring Contextual BehaviorTMContextual BehaviorTM is the integration of the two most accurate predictors. What a person actually does (behavior) has always been the best predictor. Combined with the full view (context) surrounding each behavior, Contextual BehaviorTM provides the most accurate insight into a consumer’s purchase intent and thus visibility to marketing effectiveness and the most accurate predictions of future industry trends..

Three Things We Do Very Well

  1. Knowing the Future – What people shop for today is the leading indicator of what they will purchase tomorrow.
  2. Knowing Your Customer – Dataium aggregates data from across the entire path to purchase then uses proprietary algorithms to analyze this data to predict future sales trends, measure advertising effectiveness, and define new audience segments.
  3. Knowing Your Competitive Performance and Benchmarks – Unlike most analytics providers, we are the only company that provides independent comparison data across a whole range of automotive competitive benchmarks.
    Some of the questions we can answer include:

    • How does the performance of my website compare to my brand average, or within my local market?
    • How effective is my advertising  and marketing compared to organic performance trends in my DMA?
    • Is my share of consumer inquiries trending up or down when compared to industry benchmarks or trends in my local market?

Dataium is the “data utility company” providing critical business intelligence and insight through the aggregation and analysis of consumer Internet activity. This unprecedented data source provides unparalleled insights and creates new opportunities to dramatically enhance operational and sales performance as you better align your vehicle inventory, marketing and advertising, and customer communications with current consumer interest and demand.

With each click, search, and shopping session consumers provide insight about their habits, interests, and future behaviors. Like footprints in the sand, these behavioral events leave behind digital footprints—data. These footprints, when collected, aggregated, and analyzed, provide important information regarding online purchasing behavior and activity, consumer trends, current and future interests and intent, as well as, the effectiveness of promotions and web design. At Dataium, we use Cloud IntelligenceCloud Intelligence® (CI) is the collection, aggregation, and analysis of data collected from unrelated but relevant data sources and presented as new and actionable information.® to interpret these digital footprints and gain the knowledge that empowers our customers to optimize their sales, marketing, and operating performance to better serve ever changing consumer demand.

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